Will this work for my dog?

YOU BET! Your dog can learn to confidently look at another dog (or person, or bike, or whatever is his trigger) and move on without getting concerned. All of this using time-tested force-free, science-based positive methods!

YOU HAVE TRIED so many things that have not worked. You've searched the Internet and spoken to friends. You may have attempted different strategies. Nothing has helped enough to change your dog's behavior.

WE HAVE THE SKILL and techniques needed to help you and your dog. These techniques have been utilized with dozens and dozens of dogs who have successfully changed with their owner's diligent participation in our plan.

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Will this work for my dog?

Course Curriculum

Video lessons and handouts to do at your own pace, with supporting discussion sections, are all geared toward understanding your dog and changing his or her behavior. The course begins whenever you are ready to start.

This course is based on 7 specific underlying principles that affect how your dog feels and what he or she needs. Each week we add elements to make your dog more confident and less reactive.


What Your Dog Needs: Feeling Safe; Being Healthy

Your dog’s reactivity is most likely due to fear, anxiety or stress. In order to make changes to your dog’s behavior, he or she must first feel safe and be physically well.

In this Building Block you will learn:

How your dog’s brain views the world

What caused your dog’s reactivity

The techniques you will need to begin to build confidence in your dog

Special exercises and games to use to create enrichment and decrease stress.

How to manage your dog’s environment to help lower stress and anxiety.

How your behavior does and does not affect your dog.

Real-life goal setting to stay successful.


What Your Dog Needs: Being Part of a Team

Your dog relies on you for your guidance and support. It's critical that you learn to work together.

In this Building Block you will learn:

The tools you need and how to use them to your greatest advantage and success

The power of reinforcement. Your dog can make huge changes using this concept correctly and strategically.

Does Pavlov ring a bell? We can change behavior by changing emotional associations to positive ones. Classical conditioning is the key.

How to use operant conditioning to build important skills for real change in your dog.

You will begin to build your dog's focus and attention. If your dog is paying attention to you and waiting for instructions and help he or she is paying less attention to the environment. 

This simple skill will create impulse control and a predictable environment.


What Your Dog Needs: Feeling Trust; Feeling Calm & Confident

In this building block, you will

Continue to build the skills and practice the behavior tools necessary to change your dog's (and your) behavior. Both management techniques and replacing the problem behavior with more confident and positive behaviors are added and strengthened.

This week your dog will learn to look out onto the environment, replacing fear with confidence. Both operant and classical counterconditioning will be utilized to add new skills to your dog's behavioral toolbox. You will learn to toggle skillfully from one tool to another.


What Your Dog Needs: Making Positive Choices; Living a Joyful Life

This week we will add a few more behavioral tools to use in the "real world".  

In addition, we will review real students' and owners' videos of their dog training during our session together. This is an amazing opportunity to see skills in action and hear constructive feedback on how to make lasting change through improvement in handling and timing.  You will learn from other's successes and mistakes. 

Everything you learned in the last weeks will come together this week as we provide instruction, comments and suggestions on the videos which will leave you with tools for lasting change.

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